Sunday, May 1, 2016

Panty Salesman

In a world where minimum wage never rises, where wages of any sort rise, a job with a future is highly sought after. TG Incorporated was that beacon of light in the employment world. The hottest job on the market now is panty saleswoman. There is one catch: only women need apply.

The starting salary is in the high six figures with a full line of benefits. Irvin wanted a job like that and would do anything to get it. Anything! He walked into the TG Inc. office and demanded he be allowed to have the job. He was shown to a back room and asked to take a seat in a cubicle. The door slammed shut behind him as a loud hum filled his ears. He collapsed from the intensity.

When Irvin woke he was in a bed. He reached under the covers. His suspicions were confirmed; TG Inc. transformed him into a girl. They gave her new papers with her identity: Kimberly. Kim was trained in panty sales. Her fierce desire to succeed made her the number one sales lady in the used panty and magic panty departments. The year-end stock bonus made Kim the richest woman on Earth. She is so happy she has her dream job (and a husband, too). 


  1. That was suppose to be my job!!!!!!! Maybe they have an opening for a territory in the south for me. Zoe

  2. Awesome job Kay. What a great saleswoman.