Saturday, May 28, 2016

Learning New Skills

After the nanobot bath at the TG Inc. medical facility, Carl started, I’m sorry, I meant, Becky started, her three weeks of training to be the perfect woman. Some things are easy to learn, like lying on your back. Walking takes some time as hips on a woman are a bit different from a man’s. Most freshly minted girls are okay with snuggling. Passionate kissing is usually mastered by week two. The hardest, ahem, act to master for new women, including Becky, is mastering the art of, shall we say, mouth massage. Some never master swallowing. Typical woman.

Becky turned out to be a prodigy. She mastered passionate kissing with her male instructor the first day. By day three she mastered the art of using her mouth for more sensual things. During week two she was already helping the instructors demonstrate all the different ways to use the mouth. I would tell you what she did during week three, but it makes me blush. If you are half the woman Becky is, you could learn a lot from her. It is doubtful we will ever see such a master of the sensual skills again in our lifetime.

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