Saturday, May 14, 2016

Slip of the Knife

The doctors knew immediately they made a mistake. A small slip of the knife and the wrong nerve was severed. To cover up the mistake they decided to finish the surgery and perform a small transformation. The hope was Bart would wake up and not notice he was Carla.

The rest of the surgery went smooth. And talking about smooth, Bart’s crotch was the smoothest. In the recovery room Carla started to wake. She knew something was wrong. As the anesthetic wore off she realized what happened. The doctors acted like everything went fine. Carla played along. She did not know she was a woman permanently. Her fear was she would be changed back eventually.

Bart’s wife also played it cool. She loved watching her hubby dressed as a woman. Now the clothes fit perfect. The wife could play it both ways and Carla would benefit mightily from that. The hospital did not have much for Carla to wear home. The outfit they did have for her was flattering. Carla and wife were very pleased with the procedure. Who could have guessed a simple hernia surgery could lead to such wonderful results.

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  1. If I ever have a hernia operation I pray the same thing happens to me!!!!! Emily