Friday, May 13, 2016

TG Inc Recovery Room

Cindy felt tired as she recovered in her room at TG Inc. The surgery went perfect as all traces of Alfred were gone. Cindy felt like such a woman now as she sat on her bed anticipating the next step to the program: feminine training.

It is not easy walking into TG Inc. knowing you will be a new woman when you walk out. What makes it easier is the service. The doctors and staff are so welcoming and helpful. The 5-star service after the surgery is beyond awesome. And what woman does not want to be pampered.

There is always one last part of the program where the new girl gets nervous. Being a woman is more than physical changes. A real woman performs like a woman. After training with a professional staff it is back to the recovery room for one last thing before going home. When it was done Cindy became a woman. 

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  1. Well it is a great big step. What a,looker.