Thursday, May 26, 2016

Selfie Surprise

Kendra was surprised when she saw the selfie she just took. A moment ago she was Kenny and now she is a woman, Kendra. She smiled and took another selfie for the record. Now she had to figure out why she was so lucky to end up a cute woman.

Kendra scoured the internets for any news articles on strange boy to girl transformations. Nothing. She called the police and checked at the library. Nothing. Then she started thinking about the whole incident. It happened as she took the selfie. It happened so fast the picture was of her as a girl. That’s it! Somehow her Smartphone must have a girly light in it.

She called the company and received a denial that girly lights were installed in any iPhones. But there were others, Kendra found out. A batch of phones was accidentally released on the market with girly lights installed. Every picture requiring a flash created another victim (or lucky guy, depending how you look at it). Kendra was just a lucky girl to buy that particular phone.

When was the last time you upgraded your phone?


  1. Not eligible for an upgrade until November. Hope these models are still available!

  2. which phone company has these models? Z