Monday, May 16, 2016

Bar Scene

Women were sick of pervs sneaking the date rape drug into their drinks at bars when they were not looking. More than one woman suffered the consequences of the epidemic. A new drug started turning the tables.

TG Incorporated started manufacturing a compound women could use to slip in a man’s drink at the bar. A small diversion and the clear liquid was in the drink. Cynthia knew it was the perfect answer to her problem. Two months ago a dirt bag named Sam drugged her and committed unspeakable vile acts on her. Now Cynthia had the perfect revenge. She noticed Sam was at it again. She saw him slip something into a woman’s drink at a side table. She was not looking good. Cynthia made her move, slipping the TG Inc. product into Sam’s drink.

Sam waited as the drug he gave the woman went to work. He would be the Good Samaritan getting her home and right to bed. Sam enjoyed his drink as he waited. When the woman appeared heavily intoxicated, he helped her to his car. By the time he got the woman to his house things were a bit different. Sam helped the woman to bed and sat on the arm of the couch. What would he tell the woman in the morning? What would he tell his friends? “Hello, guys. I’m Tara, your ol’buddy Sam.” It would have to do. Cynthia followed Sam home and saw the whole thing through the window. Now she needed to have one of her guy friends give Tara the treatment she got.


  1. Yeh Cynthia!!!!! All girls should have this pill when they go to a bar!!!!!