Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Menage a Trois

Rory could not believe his ears. His wife actually agreed to a ménage a trios between her and her best friend and Rory. Rory fantasized of a night in bed with Beth, but sharing the experience with his wife, Wendy, was more than he had dreamed. Wendy had time to think about it before Rory asked because he joked with Beth about it many times before.

That magical night felt so soft and warm. Their naked bodies tingled as they snuggled on the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms. Wendy knew what Rory really wanted and encouraged him to start making out with Beth. Rory felt her breasts. He kissed her gently first, followed by a deep, hard kiss. Her tongue twisted with his. It was at that moment Rory felt something strange, like he had breasts.

He tried to pull back, but Beth clawed in deeper holding him in place. She kissed him harder and harder. When she finally let go Rory saw he was a complete woman. Beth infected herself with the TG Virus with the intent on punishing Rory for being so darn horny. Wendy told the additional woman on the bed her name was Beatrice from now on. Beatrice stood for a photo before returning to the bed to finish the ménage a trios. 

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