Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Reporting Live! From the TG Convention

Sebastian needed a break. His career was going nowhere in the difficult news reporting field. Online news organizations needed stories that stuck out and grabbed reader’s attention. It was by luck he discovered the TG convention coming to town. The story promised to launch his career. The only catch was he had to go dressed as a girl and he had no idea how to make it look real.

Desperate, Sebastian showed up early opening day. Several girls — he thought they were girls — offered to help him. When they were done Sebastian looked like the perfect girl. He was allowed to enter the convention and started taking notes for his exposĂ©.   

Near the end of the conference the MC informed the crowd there would be three lucky winners in the girly light contest. Three lucky TG guys had a special girly light inserted into their skirt. Sebastian’s heart stopped. He looked around and realized there were so many people here the odds he would . . .

The blue girly light glowed under Sebastian’s mini skirt. It was all over in an instant. Play-acting time was over; it was all real now. Refused his own clothes, Tina had to walk home with the whole world seeing his situation. People stopped to take photos. Tina has a slit down below now; a bulls-eye for every guy in town. She had to hurry home and get the story written. Her career was made the second the story hit the blog.

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  1. Why didn't you tell me about this convention? I would have made the trip to attend!!!!! Zoe