Sunday, May 15, 2016

Prepare for Sister Sue

Jennifer was seduced into a cult that worshiped the feminine. Each Friday night a man was forced into the chant circle. The rite was chanted as the members, all women, held hands and walked in around the victim. The chant was a spell handed down from the Dark Ages. Jennifer was amazed by each transformation.

Each member of the cult had to provide one victim per year. Jennifer did not know anyone she could trick into attending the chant. The fire tower, dark night, and weird cloaks easily kept non-members away. Then it hit her, her brother Jerry.

Jerry did not go out much and was surprised Jennifer asked him to attend her Friday night gathering. Jerry was so stupid he did not get suspicious even when the torched were lit and the women formed a circle around him and chanted. As the spell started working, his body was thrown to the ground. When the chant finish Jerry was gone. In his place stood Sue.

Jennifer was worried her new sister would hate her. Instead, Sue loved her new look. The next day she showed off around town in a mini skirt. She had confidence. The world better look out. Here comes sister Sue.

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  1. What a kind and thoughtful sister!