Monday, May 9, 2016

Five Finger Discount

The hazing rituals start early, well before the new school year at college begins. The fraternity preferred cross dressing pranks more than anything. Vince was a new initiate waiting for his challenge. He hoped it was something he could do; he really wanted into the fraternity.

It turned out to be a tough challenge. Vince is against shoplifting, but he would do it just once to take his place in the fraternity. His frat brothers would witness the entire thing with a selfie as a backup. Vince only wanted to do this once to satisfy his entrance requirement to the frat house.

The local women’s clothing store was the place the deed would go down. Vince went in and picked out the required items and headed for the dressing room. He removed his clothes and slipped into the panty, bra, shorts and top. He took his phone out to take a selfie for the record. Then he would put his clothes on over the top and walk out, but Vince noticed something strange as he took the selfie.

Something was wrong. He looked too much like a woman! His heart began racing as he realized he somehow turned into a woman. How? Vince’s head spun as he tried to understand what happened when a knock on the door focused his attention.

He was afraid to talk for fear his voice would sound too feminine. It was the store clerk. The door opened from the outside; Vince just stood there, his buddies with their heads hung low behind the clerk. The clerk said, “I’m sick of the same hazing rituals every year by you college guys. It costs me money, money I can’t afford to lose to stupid pranks. It was cheaper to install a girly light.” The clerk pointed to the ceiling, the boys’ eyes followed. The clerk continued, “You owe me $180.04 for the clothes. Pick up your stuff and leave.”

Vince walked out in a daze as his buddies paid the bill. Vince kept shaking his head. “My girlfriend lives in the sorority. I’m sure she can get you in,” one of the hazer’s said. “We should probably give you a girl name. How ‘bout Monica?” Vince nodded. Monica it is. On a brighter note, the sorority accepted Monica without any further hazing.

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