Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Doctor Training

Special risks exist for travelers to Thailand. Doctors trained in the vast and growing gender reassignment business need training. Unfortunate male travelers have been known to be kidnapped for this purpose. Brad was one such traveler.

Brad traveled to Thailand as a student. It was a great opportunity to expand his world knowledge. A gang jumped him and brought him to a medical facility. He fought as his clothing was removed. A beautiful woman doctor reassured him he would be okay. He continued fighting as a mask was placed over his face. In moments the lights were out.

When Brad woke he was a new person; a woman, in fact. The doctor in training did awesome work. There were no vestiges of male left in Brad. The nurses helped the new lady with her ID. She chose Marie as her new name. When they slipped the pink chemise on Marie it was all over. She forgot all about Brad and relished in her new life of possibilities.


  1. Wow Kay awesome you are on a roll with these great caps.

  2. With results like that, think I may soon be on a plane to Thailand! Zoe

  3. I love it to be trapped and changed permanently this way!