Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TG Shot

Back in the old days when nano bots were first coming out the process took more time than today. As you know, nanobots can have you in a skirt in a few minutes. Years ago nano bots were administered as an injection. To illustrate the process we will show you the story of Zack.

Zack visited Dr. Emily Spourer. You might recall Dr. Spourer is one of the founders of TG Incorporated. She successfully transformed over 12,000 men in a few years. Dr. Spourer’s policy was to show the patient the outfit he would soon fit in. Zack thought the outfit was cute, but there was no way he would ever fit into it.

After Zack was administered the TG shot he stayed on the medical grounds under observation. He was required to wear girl clothes from that point on. The changes were gradual. His skin softened the first few days; nubs started forming on day four; his junk started shrinking by the end of the first week. Morning was always exciting as the previous night brought in many changes. And the clothes were beginning to fit better each day.

By the end of the second week Zack looked like a girl with one exception: his manhood was gone, but it was smooth rather than fully developed female. That changed as week three progressed. The inversion started as all the sexy parts formed. When week three ended Zack’s transformation into Nancy was complete. Every cell in her body was female. And guess what? She fit into that panty with no problem.

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  1. Some guys have all the luck!!!!