Monday, May 23, 2016

Ask and You Shall Receive

The requests keep coming in and the victim, ahem, I mean the requester gets what he deserves. I am a strong believer in the customer comes first and is always right. Take Ed who happened to comment yesterday on the background image of this blog. He was quick to point out he would love to be transformed into a carbon copy of that woman. Well, here you go Ed, or should I say Zoe.

A few weeks back I noticed poor Ed trolling the blog pretty regular like. With modern technology I found where he lives. When he was at work I had micro-mist machines installed in his bedroom and loaded them with nanobots. The nanobots were programmed to turn Ed into the woman of his dreams.

This morning Ed, I mean Zoe, woke to a surprise. Don’t worry. I am not cruel. I had the same beautiful bra and panty set Ed was so fond of right next to the bed. What do you think of the work the nanobots did? That Zoe is a cutie! Is there any man in the room that would not help Zoe take the last step toward womanhood? That is what I thought.


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
    I really look beautiful!!!!!!
    It should only happen, in the interim, I dream and look at what you made me!!!

  2. Kay, I keep returning to look at what you did to me and I just love it!!!! I wake up each morning praying that your spell has taken place. Maybe one of these day it will!!!! Zoe

  3. Kay, how about a few caps with Zoe becoming a lingerie model?????