Sunday, May 22, 2016

Greatest Feeling Ever

It felt so different, so good. Carl imagined it would be pleasant, but not like this. Just being a woman was invigorating. His whole body shivered in delight as he closed his eyes and mentally felt every inch of his body, of his femininity.

Carl almost forgot. He opened his eyes and hugged his sister for getting him the Jewel of Odan. Carl spent so many years wearing his sister’s clothes in secret. Now he no longer had to hide. His sister kept his secret and helped him realize his dream. She is the best.

Carl had to pick a name. What name does he want, a name he can live with his entire life? Roxanne. Yes, he is now Roxanne. Roxanne closed her eyes again and felt her body. It felt so wonderful, so strange. The bra gently held her breasts in place, panties gently covered her privates. The warmth and softness of her body sent another shiver of ecstasy through her body.

Roxanne started to think of all the things she could now enjoy, even in public: wearing a dress or makeup; a ponytail; the kiss of a man. There would be no more secrets for Carl. From now on he will face his true self with openness and honesty. Carl felt alive for the first time in his life. Now he looks like he feels.

Roxanne. The name he will respond to from now on. He felt normal, natural. How many men have a sister willing to do what his did? No one else would have helped. When others suspected, he was ridiculed. Carl has a long memory. Now his tormentors will want to take him out to dinner. Roxanne’s choice in mates will take prior actions into consideration.

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  1. Hi KK.....
    On your site on pincreast (or however it is spelled) in the background is a drop dead gorgeous girl in her bra and panties. Of all the models, she is the one whose body I would love to become!!!!!! She looks sweet, kind and a beautiful sexy. Will you make it happen????? Zoe (formerly Ed)