Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Swapping Sports

Requested by: Ftygrl

Charlie grew up playing baseball with his sister, Tonya. Tonya went on to be a superstar pitcher in college while Charlie’s fast ball could not get him on the men’s team. Since Tonya and Charlie were close Tonya decided to help her brother. Tonya always practiced the underhand throw. It gave her a full scholarship. However, the underhand fast ball was giving way to the more common over hand fast ball familiar in the men’s baseball leagues. This is where Charlie had an opportunity.

For some reason the men’s team was not interested in Charlie even though he had a powerful fast ball and slider. If Charlie could somehow play on the girl’s team he would be a valuable asset. Tonya hatched a plan. She told her coach she had a twin sister who could throw overhand as well as she threw underhand. The coach loved the idea. Tonya dragged Charlie to TG Inc. to turn him into her twin sister, Tara.

Tara was a bit confused at first, but it all came back. She adjusted to her new body and the fast ball flew out of her paw so fast coach called it a barn burner. Tara knew giving up her manhood for a game was extreme. When the team won the state championship she knew it was all worth it. Tara felt lucky to have such a wonderful and close sister in Tonya. As sisters they dominated girl’s baseball for decades.

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  1. Nice job. You created a good caption. How about this one ? Mom or her Aunt runs a dress-making business out of their home and she uses a really, really old dress maker's dummy. It breaks in the middle of a huge rush order for prom dresses ! Mom and her Aunt are in complete state of panic. They have no other dummy to use ; except her visiting nephew who's just about the old dummy's size. Will he help them out or will he turn-away despite their pleading and crying ? Just a suggestion. Got others jelling in my head too.
    Maybe Spring is refreshing my imagination ?