Friday, April 8, 2016

Bad Hair Day for the Brats

By request from Ftygrl

Molly is a struggling mother of two insolent boys. The deadbeat dad was so far behind on support payments Molly had a hard time remembering she was due support. In trouble at school, Molly tries cleaning her boys up to see if a new look makes them more respectable. She starts by calling for haircuts. She did not have enough money.

A friend at work had a 2 for 1 coupon for Sally’s Beauty Boutique — Home of Hair Magic. Molly snatched up the coupon and called for an appointment. The boys, Jack and Timmy, were as rambunctious as ever as they headed to the solon. Jack sat for the first haircut. Twenty minutes later he looked like a fine young man. Timmy took the seat next. As his hair was cut he noticed Jack kept changing. Timmy started teasing Jack that he looked like a girl. By the time Timmy’s haircut was finished Jack was Jacqueline with a fine set of breasts and a smooth crotch.

Timmy kept teasing Jacqueline until he noticed his own chest begin to bulge. By the time Molly finished paying for the haircuts both boys were quite feminine. Timmy was Tina and we already met Jack’s doppelganger. The girls were more sedate than the boys. Molly asked how long the change would last. “As long as you want it to,” the stylist replied. Molly was happier than she has been in years. Jacqueline and Tina made a new girlfriend while out partying so they are adjusting just fine.

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  1. Bravo on "Bad Hair Day for Brats ! ". You took a small nugget of an idea and made it into a gem. Got some more ideas, one dealing with twins and sports and what happens when one gets hurt- baseball, soccer, tennis ? You pick the sport. "Swapping Sports " is a working title. As far as a request, they're more suggestions. But I am flattered by your captions you do them so well ; I can't draw worth a darn and captioning eludes me. You're the artist ; I'm a enthusiastic active audience member. Sending more ideas soon.