Monday, April 11, 2016

Nude Beach or Bikini Ready

There is one thing that upset Conrad about cross-dressing. He could only go so skimpy before it was obvious he was not a girl. Dressing as a girl started when he was a young boy. As he matured he had to work harder to create a feminine façade. By college Conrad dreamed of visiting a nude beach and stripping down to a smooth, supple female body.

Years of effort built significant dressing skills for Conrad. His female persona of Mandy was so complete he was never once questioned about his gender; all knew he was a woman, or so they thought. Mandy wanted to be a real woman, a real woman. When the nude beach opened on Panther Lake Mandy wanted to go so bad it hurt. Mandy’s cross-dressing talent allowed her to wear a bikini convincingly. But today he wanted to go all the way.

Conrad scheduled an appointment at TG Incorporated to fix his problem. When the sexy technicians finished working on Conrad only Mandy remained. Witness Mandy walking to the beach on Panther Lake. She is so happy and excited. Mandy will strip down in front of everyone and no one will ever know the truth. Mandy is a complete woman.


  1. Oops ! I had the silly thing in reverse. "Darn, I'll never use the rear-view mirror to check my makeup ever again!". Funny caption. I've seen men and women drivers doing dumb things. Putting on makeup using the rear-view mirror ; and guys shaving in a car. Yikes ! No wonder insurance is so high. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Love the cap on Mandy and the beach!!!!!! Wish there really was a TG Incorporated and it was affordable. Anything to look close to Mandy. Thanks for your great work!