Thursday, April 28, 2016

On the Run

Elaine loved walking the fields of Elysium, a world so beautiful many consider it on par with the afterlife. The best part of Elysium is it is always daytime; one or more of the suns are high in the sky at all times. The air always feels like spring on Earth. Speaking of Earth, Elaine wasn’t always the meek and mild woman you see here. Back on Earth she was known as Jako the Macco, a ruthless business broker with a trail of corpses strung out behind him.

Jako made a lot of enemies on Earth; he also made a lot of money. When you have as many enemies as Jako you need money to stay alive. A long successful career (with the accompanying victims) gave Jako the opportunity to retire to the quiet life he always wanted without pesky victims showing up bent on revenge.

On Elysium you can be anyone you want as long as you have the money. The Elysium Council discovered how to capture and control a vortex, a bubble of distorted space where anything that passes through exits as a woman. Vortexes have been the bane of any planet unlucky enough, or lucky if you like that sort of thing, to be plagued by them.

Jako paid his dues to the Elysium government and walked through the vortex and into a simple life of comfort and pleasure. Many still search for the Macco, but none have found him. Some say he lives on a planet somewhere near the galactic core, others, on a planet in the Sagittarius Arm. But we know better. Jako is walking the warm fields of Elysium enjoying the beauty and comfort he earned. Elaine is a woman for the ages.

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