Saturday, April 16, 2016

A New Role

Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions are filled with role playing and costumes. Cosplay is bleeding into the general population and impossible to miss in Japan and South Korea. Brendan fell in love with the anime character Yoko Littner. He travelled to Japan so he could live out his fantasy as Yoko.

What Brendan did not know is that there are several levels to cosplay. Unsatisfied with stalking Yoko lookalikes, her choose to join in the role play. The costumes only hid so much. He wanted to really be an anime character: Yoko Littner.

The understanding was the role play would last for the week of the convention. Brendan didn’t think he could be a woman full-time. Too many guys hit on him hard while he was in costume. Of course, when you look like this (see photo) how can you blame the guys for making a move.

As the convention wound down Brendan went to the lab to transform back into his old self. The cute lab tech giggled as she told him he signed up for the highest level of cosplay. It was a permanent transformation.

He left the lab not knowing what to do. What would he tell his wife and kids? What would his boss think! Brendan went outside and laid on a brick wall resigned to his fate when a young man walked by and started complimenting Yoko on her costume. Before long a bond of trust developed. Long story short, Yoko went home with the man. The next day he walked home to his family with a wild story to tell.

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