Monday, April 18, 2016

Smoking Weed

Simon enjoyed a little weed to unwind after a long week of work. His supplier promised a new bud the next time he bought. The new type of marijuana promised to wash away all the stress built up. Simon could sure use it. The new boss is a nut-buster, pushing people to the brink. Work is more a war zone than an office since the A-hole took over the helm.

Simon was surprised the new product cost less. The stress was already drifting away. He started a fire pit to enjoy the early evening and prepared an apple. The heavenly smoke instantly caused all problems to drain away. Soon he was so tired he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

Later that night he woke. The moon was large overhead and the star shone like glimmering jewels in the night sky. A chill breeze forced Simon to cross his arms and hug himself close. It did not feel right. He had boobs! The moonlight was bright enough to see he was not the man he once was.

He hurried into the house after dousing the fire. He examined his body in the bathroom mirror. The special weed was more than special, it was TG weed! The next day Simon changed his name to Rhonda and bought all new clothes. It felt good to wear a panty and bra. The dealer knew a good product when he saw it. Rhonda could sure use another hit.

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