Friday, April 1, 2016

Refreshing Rain

The rain never seemed to stop that early summer day. After three days of rain it was time for Kyle to enjoy the wet weather. He was dripping wet in no time as it continued to pour as he danced on his front lawn.

Unknown to Kyle the industrial plant owned by TG Inc. had a problem on their hands. An accidental leak sent nanobot particles up the chimney and spread around the town. It was hoped the weather would dissipate the particles enough to make them inactive. An unusual concentration of particles above Kyle’s house gave the nanobots the critical mass they needed to do their job.

Kyle did not know what was happening as he twirled in the rain with his eyes closed. It felt so good as he allowed the water to wash away his worries. By the time he realized what had happened he was already Tiffany. The rain still felt good. Tiffany was glad she decided to enjoy the rain shower.

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  1. send that rain to pour over my house in Texas!!!!!!