Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chernobyl Surprise

Decades have passed since the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl rocked the world. Heavy radiation contamination required a 30 kilometer exclusion zone around the power plant.  As the decades passed the radiation cooled enough for people to venture into the exclusion zone for short periods of time. It was risky business, but adventure seekers could not resist.

Emery was less an adventure seeker than an avid hunter of information. He wanted to see how the area existed without people. He brought a reference book with him to help with wildlife and maps of the old city and a light snack.

The area was eerily quiet. Animals stayed far away from Emery as he slowly walked toward Chernobyl. The wind was his only companion. The air had strong static. His skin tingled. Emery worried he might be exposed to too much radiation, but he was assured a day trip to the area would not be dangerous. He decided to sit in a grassy area and check his reference book on the subject.

Before long Emery was lost in the book. His whole body seemed to change as the static grew. Satisfied it was nothing, Emery put the book away. As he stood he realized he had a problem. The static in the air was not radiation. In fact, Chernobyl was never a nuclear plant accident at all. Chernobyl was the first TG Incorporated manufacturing plant. The secret was hidden for decades. TG dust covered the area and turned Emery into a woman.

When he left the exclusion zone authorities rushed him to a debriefing where they told him the truth, changed his name to Eliza, and warned him never to tell anyone the truth about Chernobyl or he would be sold into prostitution. Of course, Eliza kept her mouth shut. She also could return to the exclusion zone to monitor the level of contamination without any additional risk. She became the leading scientist on contamination levels surrounding Chernobyl.

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