Monday, April 25, 2016

Surprise for Anon

Anon asked if I could do a caption for him. Yes, I can. As pro tempore for TG Incorporated I can report my employer owns the internet connections to Anon’s computer (yours, too). When Anon asked for a caption he did not specify what kind of caption he wanted so we sent a signal reprogramming his computer. The radiation the computer screen now emitted was TG radiation. Anon asked for a pretty woman 21- 30 years of age wearing sexy panties and lingerie. We obliged by turning Anon into Emily. The radiation blew her back, but I think the change worked perfectly. We recorded the whole thing for your entertainment. Emily should get her cute little ass to the nearest TG Inc. office for feminine training.

Anyone else have a caption request?


  1. Just had to leave a comment Kay, this one is an inspired piece of work! Loved it and I'm still chuckling. Great job.

  2. Kay......I love it!!!!!! thank you so very much! Such a beautiful girl and dressed so sexy!!!!! and I love my new name you gave me...Emily!
    Now if only it would are sending me to dream land ...Thanks again,Emily

  3. After work today I was so inspired by your cap for me I stopped at VS and bought some more panties!!!! Emily PS maybe I will see me and my panties again in a future cap!!!!

  4. OMG!!!! Now I am starting to see myself. After you changed me into Emily, I read the cap you did about me not even realizing we were already thinking alike. The Moment of Truth, when I was in college and known as Randy, the panty raid on the sorority was beyond the zenith! That bra and panty set put fire in me and yes, the town boys and I made music like Beethoven! Unfortunately it wore off until you changed me into Emily and then I mocked you with my VS pantys. I cant call you Krazy Kay as you outwitted me again! What are you going to do next to me Krazy Kay?????