Thursday, April 7, 2016

Innocents Abroad

I still find it hard to believe I live in Beth’s home now, her alien home. It started innocent enough and I knew she was alien, but I did it anyway. Aliens are safe, everyone says it and the government tells us endlessly. Still, deep down, I knew Beth had plans for me. Her interest in me was unnatural. She came from a wealthy alien family and I am from common human stock.

College is hard if you are serious about good grades and a real future. Beth noticed my efforts and befriended me. It was not long before I started to fall in love with her. I resisted the urge; my family is from the wrong side of town and we both knew it. But Beth was a very good friend. I was honored when she invited me to dinner at her home. Her parents are awesome aliens. Beth’s whole family looks so… so… human.

Beth’s mother is a great cook. Dinner was the best I ever had. You can’t imagine her home either. It is huge and ornate. Three levels below ground filled with entertainment, libraries, and secret rooms I was not allowed to see. The ground and second floor looked like a human billionaire’s home. After dinner Beth demanded I enjoy a movie with her. I could not resist; she had a hold on me I cannot explain.

Beth took me to the lowest level to a theatre. She started a movie from her home world. It did something to my mind; I became so tired I lost consciousness. When I woke the movie was over. Beth brought the lights up only a fraction. I was wearing a slinky pink dress and had long blond hair. I was stunned.

Beth kissed me and said, “You are my Roxanne now. I love you and always will. Do you know why I brought you here?” I shook my head slowly. Beth continued, “Because you are destined for great things. My home world needs people like you, intelligent, hard workers to create bridges between our worlds. I saw you at school and knew you were the perfect fit. Only women can hold such positions on my world. Now you are qualified.”

I lived with Beth the remained of my school years. Soon I will leave with Beth and her family for her home world. I will assume my position as Earth’s ambassador there. I am honored that Beth chose me. 

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