Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Emily's Education

You would think a guy would not look a gift horse in the mouth. But not our friend, Anon. No. He taunted me, the pro tempore spokeswoman of TG Incorporated, and as a reward I had the boss change the internet connection on him, modifying the radiation from his computer screen. Poor Anon. The TG radiation turned him into Emily.

Well, Emily went out and purchased a package of new panties for the occasion and ridiculed me in a comment section on it. What our dear Emily did not know was the TG radiation from his computer screen was only temporary. Unfortunately, we kept an eye on our girl. When we saw she was purchasing panties we made sure they were the special magical kind. Too bad the magic panties are a permanent deal. Emily will never be Anon again.

Look at the girl. She is giggling from the sensation of those magic panties going to work. Have you ever seen a happier girl in the world? I think Anon has learned a lesson. We took his manhood and increased his libido. I think our friend, Emily, will keep the boys around town very happy. She is such a girl. 


  1. Those special panties are awesome!!!!! I just love what they did to me Krazy Kay!!! After you turned me from Randy in my prior life and the spell wore off I cant thank you enough for making me Emily. Oh...the feeling is beyond describing. Now, what are you going to do next to me?????

  2. Hey Krazy Kay,
    Do you know what happened to Mykala Girl? She just disappeared. Thanks,,,,

  3. Anon, sorry. I don't know MyKala Girl.It is sad when so many captioners disappear without word. I worry about the people in our world.