Saturday, April 23, 2016

Job Opportunity

Job Openings

Our worldwide company is now hiring a select group of women to wear panties for our clients interested in buying used panties. Demand is high and growing daily. Our need for dedicated women to provide us with the products our client’s demand is intense. By simply wearing panties to work or sitting around or playing you can earn a six figure income. Every few hours you get wear a new panty as the one you are wearing is ready for market. A special order, like a full day wear, brings bonus money.

There is also a growing need for used panties worn by men. Guys, you can earn even more than the ladies by wearing panties all day. Our special panties are comfortable and fun to wear. Think of all the excitement you will have by just wearing panties.

Apply at:
TG Incorporated
5512 Belvue Lane
Hodunk, Illinois 77549
Or call:

News Release: There are reports men working for TG Incorporated’s used panty division have been given magic panties their first day and transformed into women without their consent. A class action lawsuit against TG Incorporated was expected until the new group of women loved their job too much to punish TG Incorporated for their actions. One new woman was overheard saying, “Where else can I find such a high paying job with these kinds of benefits?” 


  1. Kay, I want to apply ASAP
    and by the way, I would like to have those magic panties for men please! How quickly do they work?