Sunday, April 10, 2016

Happiness is. . .

What makes you happy? For Scott hiking in the rain forest was the ultimate in happiness. He travelled to exotic countries to enjoy his favorite pastime. In Costa Rica there was a forest he always wanted to see even though the locals warned against it. Legend has it the forest was haunted. No man ever walking into the forest here was ever seen again while strange, happy women have walked out of the forest periodically.

Superstition could not keep Scott from his dreams. The forest was awesome as he walked a path cleared by animals. The air took on a unique shimmer as the humidity became cool. Scott enjoyed the entire experience. He did not know when it happened or how, but when the air shimmered something happened to him. The cool pocket of humid air possessed qualities that turned him into Sulla.

Sulla enjoyed the forest as much as Scott. Sure, the locals had another story of the strange man walking into the forest and a woman coming out. Sulla found it funny how the locals never figured out what happens in their forest. Sulla visited with the local women and the knowing look in their eyes told Sulla the women knew what the forest does. Men are so clueless. At least now Sulla can visit this forest anytime she wants to without fear of local legends.

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