Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stress Relief

The stress was building as the weight of personal and school life crashed in on Baker. He was pushed to the limit and the stress was still building. If his grades declined even a bit he would lose his full scholarship.

A mysterious package arrived in the mail the next day. Inside was a ring with a note: THIS RING RELIEVES ALL STRESS AND HELPS FOCUS CONCENTRATION. What could Baker lose? The ring was free. He slipped the ring on his left hand pinky finger. He noticed an iridescent jewel embedded in the ring. Could it be the fabled Jewel of Odan?

Baker slept with the ring on that night. The next morning he woke to a surprise; he was a woman! The stress was also gone and she could focus better than ever. Baker needed a new name. She chose Celine. She needed a new wardrobe so she went shopping. Celine attended all of Baker’s classes and could not believe how focused she was.

That evening she enjoyed lounging around the apartment in a peach chemise. She kept the ring on for fear of turning back into her old stressed out self. The ring seemed to cause one problem. Celine was getting as horny as hell. She did not think she could spend the night alone. There is a cute boy at school she might be interested in and she had his number.


  1. How can I get that ring????

  2. Hi Krazy Kay,
    Read the story about you and your family and how you got started on writing TG. I'm glad that your daughter has come along nicely and really enjoy your caps (just found them). Do you take personal requests and have an e mail? thanks!

  3. You can leave requests in the comment section here.

  4. would you do a caption on me? I would really enjoy being transformed into a pretty woman, say 20 to 31 and I am into pretty panties and lingerie....Thanks.