Friday, April 15, 2016

Brain Switch

Money is tight for college kids so the opportunity to make a fast buck and a full scholarship had them lining up to win the lottery. The medical school of the university needed a male and a female volunteer for clinical trials. The goal was to see if a brain could be transplanted into another body successfully. If the results were positive, people killed in accidents could have their brain transplanted into the body of someone who died of a brain disease.

Jonathon and Tara won the lottery. They were prepared for the procedure. The students would switch brains for three months when they would be returned to their old selves by reversing the procedure. The surgery went better than expected and recovery was swift. There was some adjusting for Jonathon, learning how to use his female body. Then the infections started for both. The doctors fought to keep Jonathon and Tara alive. Two months in the danger was over.

There was one problem. The infection caused damage to their inner skulls. It would be impossible to switch them back. Any attempt would mean certain death and the university could not risk a murder charge. It ended well for Jonathon and Tara. Tara taught Jonathon how to be a proper woman and Jonathon taught Tara to be strong. They also fell in love. The wedding is next spring. Oh, and Jonathon likes to be on top.

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