Sunday, April 3, 2016

Good Sport

Homecoming football pitted cross town rivals on the home field. Pep rallies cheered on the team. But behind the scenes the game was elevated to nose-bleed heights. The home team quarterback, Buck, hated the opposing team’s quarterback, Max, because Max kept making lewd remarks to his girlfriend. To up the ante, Buck convinced Max to make the outcome of the game personal. The loser would lose more than the game, but also his manhood.

Max smiled and accepted the offer. Both teams were hyped when they hit the field. Before long a few bad breaks put Buck and his team behind. As the final seconds ticked off the clock all Buck could do was stare at his girlfriend standing on the sidelines.

Buck honored his word and after showering off went to the lab where Max did the honors of flipping the switch of the swapping chamber. At the party afterwards Buck was relieved to see Max didn't hit on his girlfriend. Instead, Max hit on Buck. It felt awkward at first, but Buck felt flattered after a while. Buck liked his new look and wanted to be called Samantha from now on. His girlfriend thought he was cute, but Buck really wanted to spend time with his boyfriend, Max, from now on.

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