Friday, March 31, 2017

3D Alien Abduction

Ken woke up with a startle. Something was wrong. He was strapped onto a table; he couldn’t move. The eerie feeling he had for days he was being watched by an alien presence came into focus.

He started to scream but he sounded like a girl. OMG! I am a girl, Ken thought. As her surroundings came into focus three alien grays stood above her with lustful grins. A robot was preparing to do something to her crotch.

“Be still,” the robot droned. “You are a human woman now. There is no going back. I have one last modification. You will be given an unstoppable libido.”

Ken fought with all his strength. Even if she were still a man she doubted she could break the bonds. The three alien grays had dirty, guttural laughs.

The robot finished. The alien grays lined up between her legs. As the first gray penetrated, he said, “Earth woman. You will respond to Rebecca from now on. Do you understand?”

Rebecca could only scream as the gray’s massive member destroyed her virginity. Her breasts bounced to the rough intercourse; the other grays kept up the guttural laughs.

Rebecca could not believe her bad luck. She was abducted by aliens and turned into an intergalactic prostitute. The three grays trained her well for her new line of work. Then the grays looked at Rebecca’s mouth. 

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