Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mom's Panties

When mom went on a business trip and left Hans home alone for two weeks he took the opportunity to wear her panties. The first day he went to school wearing panties. That night he slept in her silk chemise.

Hans was so excited for the weekend. Two whole days where he could wear only mom’s sexy clothes. The green matching bra and panty set felt the best against his skin. It tingled. He slept in mom’s bed, drinking in the sensation.

In the morning Hans woke to a surprise. He had no idea why he was transformed into a woman. What would he tell his mom when she returned home? The email on his smart phone chimed. It was mom. She asked Hans how he enjoyed the special treat she left in her panties. Mom knew? Mom’s parting gift: she named her little girl Rebecca and said she could not wait to return home and meet her. Now Rebecca can wear girl’s clothes all day, every day, all due to a sprinkle of TG dust in mom’s panties.

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