Monday, March 27, 2017

Work Ethic

Some guys are naturally curious about gender swapping. It’s not easy to do the real thing, but there is no problem with playing the part. Jimmy was one of these guys. His wife knew how much he loved dressing up as a woman. Now he wanted to go a step further. He wanted to go to work wearing panties.

It was to be a secret day for Jimmy. His wife bought a new panty for him with a mystery bag he was only to open at his lunch break. Jimmy bristled with excitement. If felt so awesome wearing panties all morning.

But it felt different too. He could swear his breasts were growing! His hair was longer, too, and he was shorter. There was no doubt about it. As the lunch hour approached, the outward signs were painfully obvious. Jimmy opened the surprise bag his wife gave to him. It was a mini skirt and hooker boots! They fit perfectly now as her body continued changing.

Jimmy went to the lunch room and came back Angel. It seems Jimmy’s wife had the whole office in on it. Angel couldn’t be happier. By quitting time a beautiful woman left the office and headed home to Jimmy’s wife where Angel discovered a woman interested in women. Looks like there was more than one secret in that household.

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