Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dancing a New Tune

Franklin adjusted just fine when the aliens came to Earth and demanded men become women. You see, the alien men did not want competition from Earth men so they demanded all the men be transformed into women which also had the pleasant side effect of providing the alien men with even more women to date.

A vast galactic girly light canon fired from space converted most men the first day. Certain things are expected when so many new women join the club: a run on panties and pantyhose, a dress shortage and plenty of PMS as the first month progressed. There were other unusual side effects. Action movies died while love ballads became hits everywhere.

The aliens got more than they expected. Franklin, now Erika, is a good example. Erika and a group of her new women friends seem to be synchronized for that special time of the month. The aliens never knew what hit them. By the time it was over the Earth women controlled the alien men and demanded marriage. It also seems the Earth women were gold diggers. They put the alien men to work while they enjoyed life as the women of the party.

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