Saturday, March 18, 2017

Special Delivery

Barry had no idea what was in the package. He wasn’t expecting anything. But here it was. The package was addressed to him. Opening it he found a neatly folded panty with a heart across the front and a message: Just Do It. And so Barry did.

The panty felt cool and soft on his skin. He admired how the panty fit as he examined himself in the mirror. Then a slight itch started. Before long his whole body tingled. Ten minutes later Tina was the only one left in the room. How do I know the woman was Tina? Well, after the changes in Barry were finished she tried to figure out what happened. She looked in the box and found a piece of paper with a warning and the name Tina for any man foolish enough to ignore the warning.

The look on Tina’s face said it all. Bemused, she accepted her fate. It felt good to be a free woman. She could now buy a new wardrobe of sexy outfits and wear makeup. Tina had to admit she was cute. Guys were going to love her and this was the perfect panty to wear on a first date.

1 comment:

  1. If I send you my address will you have a package with pretty and sexy panties with power sent to me? Zoe