Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beckman Modeling Agency

A modeling career is all Axel wanted from as long as he can remember. His first memories contained images of dressing up in dresses and parading around the house. Mom thought it was cute; dad thought it was strange. By the time Axel was twelve he refused to wear anything but girl’s clothes. Mom was concerned, dad no longer amused.

It was hard on dad to see his boy acting like a sissy. After a while though it became normal; Axel always dressed like a girl. Unless you looked really hard or saw him naked you would swear he was a girl. The Beckman Modeling Agency caught wind of Axel when he started college. The agency offered him an opportunity of a lifetime. He had the look advertisers were looking for and the agency was willing to help Axel be a real girl.

How could Axel refuse such an offer? Soon Axel was gone and Kelli was the brightest star to hit the runway in years. She was a natural on the catwalk and her modeling portfolio had pictures to die for. Mom and dad accepted the inevitable. Kelli is happy and that is all that matters. Dad was more reluctant, but when he saw what Kelli made per modeling gig he was tempted to try the lifestyle for a while himself. Mom talked dad out of it. The family only had room for one knock-down gorgeous woman. Besides, mom needed dad for personal reasons.

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