Monday, March 13, 2017


Randy listened to the preacher every Sunday extol the virtues of faith. He listened and believed when the preacher said “if you have enough faith you can move mountains”. But Randy didn’t want to move mountains; he wanted a coat of many colors, like Joseph in the book of Genesis.

By the time Randy reached adulthood he knew God wouldn’t step forward and grant his wish. If Randy wanted a coat of many colors he would have to do it himself. So he packed his bags, left the cult and joined the real world for the first time.

The world is an awesome place with many pitfalls for a young man entering it for the first time. He asked for help and found people cordial. Then Randy met Alisha, a technician at the local TG Incorporated store. She promised Randy he could have his desired coat of many colors.

Randy was elated he would finally get his childhood dream. Alisha took the naïve boy to her office and asked him to step into the swapping chamber. Alisha set the timer and stepped into her chamber. Moments later the timer ticked to zero and Randy and Elisha switched bodies.

Randy stepped out of the chamber dazed and confused. “Here, put this on,” Alisha said in Randy’s body, handing her a multicolored dress. Wow! Randy thought, forgetting the gender swap he just went through. Randy listen closely as Alisha explained her job. Randy enjoyed living in Alisha’s body. They shared Alisha’s apartment. Randy made a very prim and proper girl. And she never went to church again. Go figure.

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