Sunday, March 5, 2017

Great Expectations

Ted had a brilliant plan to get a massive amount of tax-free money legally. Credit card bonus rewards are tax-free, everybody know that. The trick is to spend the required amount of money to snag the reward. Most types of manufactured spending died as banks tried to stop the bonus hounds getting their credit card, manufacturing spending and then canceling the card.

The best way to reach the spending limit required to capture the bonus is to buy something that can be sold at the same or higher price. The Jewel of Odan is the perfect purchase. The high price and ready resale market makes for easy credit card bonus money. Ted had a handful of credit cards dripping with bonus money when he bought the Jewel. He maxed out 72 credit cards in one transaction. When he was done he would have over $100,000 tax-free.

Ted had a difficult decision to make. With a dirty grin Ted decided to take the name Beth and keep the Jewel of Odan as a memento of his womanhood. To pay off all those credit cards would be easy now that he is a girl. A good call girl can make $10,000 or more a night. He Beth was destined to be the best.  

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