Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Girl Who Said Yes

Natasha and Brandon were enjoying a night out on the town. After dinner they went to a bar and had several too many. Not thinking, Brandon decided to drive home in his inebriated condition; Natasha didn’t care as long as she did not drive; she was better at playing the victim if the police pulled them over.

A crazed gang of biker chicks saw Brandon swerving all over the road and forced him to the side. The biker chicks pulled Brandon from the car while Natasha was screaming and hitting at the women to leave her boyfriend alone. Brandon slurred his words as he yelled for the women to back off. As he inhaled to give another bellar, one of the biker chicks tossed a nanobot tablet into his mouth. Brandon inhaled the tablet before he could stop.

The biker chicks waited for the nanobots to finish their job. Natasha cried as she saw her sweetheart of a boyfriend turn into a girl. The biker chicks grabbed Natasha and the new girl, Ellen, and forced them to ride bitch back to the biker hovel where they put a mini skirt on Ellen and tattooed her. It seems the biker chicks were also lesbians. Ellen was fine with that, but Natasha took a while before she started enjoying muff diving. Then they were both insatiable.

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