Saturday, March 11, 2017

Roasting Chestnuts

TG Inc. had a special Roger could not pass up: A full week as a woman to try out the other side. Roger went in and paid for the one-week special and would be Kayla for a week. TG Inc. kept Roger’s extra parts in a preserving jar so his manhood would be ready when he returned in a week.

TG Inc. called Kayla on day 3. Here is the conversation:

Kayla: What do you mean my nuts are gone! You were supposed to keep my family jewels safe.

TG Inc: We are sorry, Kayla. The power went out and when it came back on it surged, cooking your cock to the size of a cocktail weenie and your balls are nowhere to be found.

Kayla: I want my balls back!

TG Inc: It’s okay, honey. We will let you keep the Kayla body free of charge.

Kayla: I don’t want to be a girl.

TG Inc: You will. It doesn’t take long for you to embrace a lifetime of feminine bliss. You should consider yourself lucky. You got a full female body for the price of a special.

After the call ended laughter erupted in the TG Inc. office. “I can’t believe another guy fell for the one-week special transformation,” a young girl working there was overheard saying. “He paid full price to be a woman and now we have another jar of roasted oysters for the wall of shame.” 

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