Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rigged Election


It was a devious plan to get rid of the competition once and for all. Ryan was a pain in Taylor’s ass ever since he entered politics. Taylor was sick of losing elections to Ryan and his do-goodie campaign promises. Taylor had a plan to stop Ryan once and for all.

The election was down to Ryan and Taylor. Ryan had a significant lead in the polls. “Why don’t we make it interesting,” Taylor told Ryan. “How can we make it more interesting than me winning?” Ryan said, cocky as ever. “How ‘bout we up the stakes. The winner wins the position, but the loser spends time in front of a girly light firing squad. The winner gets rid of competition as a result,” Taylor said. Ryan smiled and shook hands on it.

Election Day should have been a lay down for Ryan, but as the results came in Taylor was winning. By the end of the night there was no doubt Taylor won the election. Ryan never understood how he led in the polls, but lost the election. Taylor knew. He rigged the election.

Ryan was a man of his word. He stood tall as Taylor took the honor of shooting him with the girly light. The hardest part of the transformation for Ryan was the clothes. He never knew panties could be so hard to wear, as you can see here.

But Ryan was not a quitter. Now as Ellen she adjusted to her new body and sex appeal. She learned of Taylor’s treachery in the prior election and vowed to run against him again. This time Ellen exposed Taylor’s cheating ways and kicked his ass out of office. The newspaper said Ellen was the prettiest official to ever serve in the state.

And as for Taylor, he was tossed in a nanobot bath and sent to the men’s prison where he served the people for the rest of his life.

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