Sunday, March 26, 2017

Medical Breakthrough

It was the breakthrough Dwayne was waiting for. Science finally could make a man into a real woman. The old method used the old parts to fashion the vagina. The problems were multiple. The vagina was always dry, sometimes hurt, and required stretching (which also hurt). The worst parts were the risk of sensation loss and if all hair was not permanently removed before the transformation would grow inside the vagina. Yuck!

Modern medicine discovered how to build a vagina (for real guys), uterus, and all the rest of the girl parts using the patient’s own cells. Dwayne could not wait to see the doctor so he could change into Angie. At the doctor he discovered it was an expensive procedure and required a few months from beginning to end. It did not matter. Dwayne wanted to be a girl so bad he would do anything to get there.

A few months later the procedure was complete. Angie could not be happier. Finally, for the first time, Angie could go out on a date and feel normal. She played all the girly games and even acted coy about losing her virginity. It was an awesome date. Now wedding bells and a baby are in the future.


  1. Kay, this was a great caption!!!!! Now if only science could make this happen I would be one of the first to sign up!!!! Thanks, zoe

  2. Hi Kay,
    I keep waiting and waiting for you to pull that "thing" between my thighs out and give me the gift I have been waiting for, a sweet vagina and B boobies and a nice tight ass. My panty collection is fantastic and would look so much better on me so please hurry up!!!!! I'm burning with desire! Thanks. Zoe