Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Have a Drink

Sandy woke up dazed and confused. She remembered she was drinking the night before and was warned about the strong drinks served in the bars of Rigel V. That is the last thing she remembers.

There is something else Sandy can’t quite put her finger on. She came to Rigel: check; she was having an awesome time: check; she drank some of the local hooch when told not to: check; and. . .  and. . . OMG! I’m supposed to be a guy. Randy! My name is Randy, not Sandy. Then it all became clear; his drink was spiked. Probably with nanobots.

A kindly woman motions for Sandy to come with her. She has a warm, comfortable place with food. It will have to do for now. Then Sandy is forced to pay for her accommodations with services. The local men are gentle, but it is still something Sandy never dreamed she would be doing when she left for her vacation on Rigel. It certainly has been a learning experience.

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