Monday, March 6, 2017

Running Hot

Losing made Timothy sad at first. The game sounded fun when his college buddies came up with the idea. A water fight was just what the doctor ordered on a hot, humid summer afternoon. A water fight would be more than fun; it would be fun losing by getting doused in cold water, except losing would have another side effect since each bucket of water would contain nanobots.

You never saw a group of guys run from a bucket of water so fast. Heat be damned. Whoever got soaked in the nanobot laced water would be transformed into a woman the nanobots were programmed to create. Timothy carried his bucket carefully so as not to spill on himself. But before he knew it a pail of water was running down his back.

In a few minutes the nanobots transformed Timothy into Beverly, clothes and all. The water fight was over as everyone watched Timothy transform. Everybody got serious and Timothy felt sad over what he lost. But when he saw his reflection he became the happiest girl alive.

1 comment:

  1. Nice job friend as always. Loved the story and the cap. What a great game.