Tuesday, March 7, 2017

No Longer Hopeless

Hope looked up at the doctor in anticipation. Could a simple accident in a lab with swapping chambers change his life forever?

Three weeks ago Tyler was cleaning the lab working his way through college. It was the perfect fit. He could work a few hours each weekday with extra hours on the weekends. The extra money meant a smaller student loan and something extra for beer money. He was cleaning the panels and the chamber that fateful Friday night. The technicians and student had all gone home. It was a peaceful time to get extra cleaning done in the lab.

What Tyler didn’t know was that the technician in charge forgot to power down the swapping chambers. All the body patterns programmed into the machine that day were still in the queue. While Tyler cleaned a panel he accidentally hit a button. The swapping chamber whirred to life searching for a victim to transform into the pattern caught in the buffer. Tyler had no idea what to do. He just stood there. The swapping chamber doors were open and he knew it would be a bad idea to get close enough to close them.

He slowly backed away and slipped around a table as he made his way to the door. The whirring got louder as the swapping chambers increased the power to complete the programming. Just as Tyler turned to the door to leave a bolt of lightning shot from a swapping chamber and hit Tyler for over a minute. When Tyler woke he was shocked to find himself in a new body.

Doctors were his only hope now. If they couldn’t find a way to reverse the process he would spend the rest of his life as Hope. As the weeks went by he did get more used to living as Hope. Several cute guys asked him out and he has decided he will say yes. Deep down, Tyler doesn’t want the doctors to figure anything out at all. All he can do is hold out hope.

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