Thursday, March 23, 2017

Time Warp

While walking the old hills of Burlington, Ben noticed a distortion in the air. As he got closer it looked like heat shimmer and since the air was warm and humid it was an acceptable explanation. He kept walking the path enjoying the late afternoon sun.

The distorted air seemed to move as he moved and appeared to be surrounding him. It was as if he actually entered the heat shimmer. Then it really got weird as he could see silhouettes of people, people from an era gone by. Ben stopped and listened. He could hear faint voices around him.

A wave passed through the heat simmer. Ben transformed in to a woman as the world dissolved into a world from 200 years ago. The dress was comfortable for such a warm afternoon. The people were having a picnic and Ben knew he was part of the picnic. Another woman addressed him as Monica. The heat shimmer evaporated and Monica was left standing in a new world from centuries ago. A quiet calm overcame Monica as she mingled with her new friends that felt like she knew forever.

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