Thursday, March 2, 2017

Second Chance

Crazy Hal noticed his good friend Ally was having a tough time of it. Hal loved his friend, the best friend he ever had. Years ago Ally was Aloysius. Aloysius had a secret he only told Hal. Hal encouraged him to realize his dream and become the woman he really was.

The pace of medical technology never stops. Back in the old days Aloysius had to find a doctor to perform the surgery in some small town in Wisconsin. Today there are therapies to make you young again and healthy. A small company planning on going public soon, called TG Incorporated, recently created a nano bot technology. The nano machines are injected in the patient. Over a few weeks the whole body is healed and rejuvenated by the micro critters.

Hal once again encouraged Ally to do the right thing. That was six months ago. When Ally first became a woman she struggled with her feelings. She stayed a virgin, if you can believe it! Not this time around. The young and vibrant Ally has a best friend who has waited for years to express his love. They make a lovely couple. And Ally does not care when people stare at the old guy (Hal) dating the young woman (Ally). She knows they are just jealous. And so the record is straight, Ally is not a virgin anymore. Actually, she wasn’t a virgin three times the first day and it got better after that.

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