Friday, July 8, 2016

Girl Power

Power. Many want it, few can handle it. Quincy always thought clothes made the man. So he wore a three piece suit to work daily hoping to catch the eye of the boss. Quincy had high hopes in the company. The only way to attain his goal of CEO is to be tough. But in the new world order when a man gets tough he is considered insensitive and unworthy of promotion.

Quincy is a man with a plan. For every problem there is a solution. If a man is considered unworthy of leadership due to a strong personality there is one thing the man can do: become a woman. Quincy visited the nanobot bath at TG Incorporated. For once he was the man he always wanted to be: strong, tough and in control. As you can see, Quincy is a man worthy of leadership.

The next day Quincy never showed up for work but an enterprising woman, Irene, applied for the job. Irene had all the qualifications. She was so good it was almost as if she had worked there for years. Irene caught the boss’s eye on more than one occasion and for more than just work performance. Irene climbed the corporate ladder until she beat the CEO in a power play. Now Irene runs the show. And Quincy? Quincy is living the life of his dreams. As for Irene, she believes clothes make the man.

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