Saturday, July 30, 2016

Special Friends

Nicolas thought it was so cool. The visiting delegation from Quintor IV have a special gift no human could ever hope to possess: they can see several minutes into the future and affect the outcome. This gift comes in handy when dealing with the government or working on a business deal.

A Quintor girl, Jennifer, took an interest in Nicolas when he showed up every day for the news briefing. The briefings are stale news events few paid any attention to. Jennifer knew Nicolas was not there for the news.

Nicolas was too shy to approach the delegation so Jennifer introduced herself to Nicolas. The friendship grew from the start and fast. Jennifer took Nicolas under her wing and taught him about the universe around him. Nicolas lamented his lack of ability. That is when Jennifer revealed only a Quintor female has such skills. She also revealed they have the technology to make him such a girl.

Nicolas would do anything to see the future like the Quintor’s do. Jennifer took him to her spaceship and showed him the lab. The technician was so excited to be working on a human subject. Nicolas took a seat in the transformation chamber. The door closed and the chamber filled with a dense vapor. When the vapor cleared Nicolas was the Quintor girl you see here.

Jennifer changed Nicolas’s name to Lucinda and helped her learn the skill of seeing the future. Lucinda is a fast learner. Lucinda soon became a liaison between Earth and Quintor IV. Earth governments trusted Lucinda to have their best interests at heart. It was a bad assumption. Lucinda considers herself far more Quintorian than human anymore.

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