Saturday, July 16, 2016

Au Natural

It started out innocent enough. Joey’s sister dared him to wear a girly outfit while mom and dad were on vacation. The first day was scary, home alone with his sister and dressed as a girl all day. The cloths fit different and were scratchy.

By the end of the week Shayla started to feel sad; mom and dad were due home in three days. Joey took advantage of those last days by going all out. The girl clothes felt so good, so natural he kept wearing the girl clothes know his parent would be home any moment.

When the door opened and his parents stepped in dad stopped in his tracks while mom started to smile. Mom hugged Joey and commented on how pretty he was. The next day the family took a trip to TG Incorporated. By the end of the day Joey did not have to pretend anymore, she was really Shayla.


  1. How lucky Joey was to have a great sister and even more fortunate understanding and loving parents!!!!! z

  2. How about a race fan and amateur race car driver swaps body's with Danica Patrick?